Premier Recycler of Used Cooking Oil

Mahoney Environmental has been recycling Used Cooking Oil since 1953. Our nationwide capabilities and industry leading equipment solutions make us the premier recycler of Used Cooking Oil. Mahoney services over 20,000 customers nationwide and is dedicated to providing a unique solution for each individual food service establishment. Whether you have one fryer or 40, we have the proper solution for your specific needs. This oil has raised in value by over 500% in the last 6 years and we believe in offering the full value of Used Cooking Oil to our customers.

Mahoney has been recycling for generations and our innovative equipment offers the safest and most secure containment of Used Cooking Oil in the industry. Give your Mahoney representative a call today and see how they can offer your establishment a way to add to your bottom line.

Phone: (800) 892-9392

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